Product Focus : BRAVE

Every so often a piece of clothing enters your wardrobe and establishes itself as your wing-man. Your 'go-to guy' who keeps you well aligned with all your style goals. BRAVE is one of our most subtle hoodies, looking like just another black throw on - until you put it on. Only then do you notice the soft rub of our premium fabrics as you put it on. Thumbholes that make you feel like no other hoody is quite as comfy. The textured black on black print that catches the light of the sun. The striking long copper zip, and the zipped pockets that prove so useful on a wavy night out. A double layer hood that does actually stop your head getting wet should you get caught in the rain (or live anywhere in the UK). Flawlessly constructed by fine craftsmen in Portugal, it will outlast most items in any wardrobe. If you'll have it, it'll have your back.


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April 02, 2015 by trikki LTD
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