London Undercover

London Undercover is quintessentially British; forward design, an East London location and they sell umbrellas!

They give umbrellas the fashion accessory status they deserve.

With Jamie Milestone as the founder and leader of the brand, London Undercover now finds itself in some of the top stores in the UK, if not the world; Liberty, Selfridges & Co, J Crew and Hypebeast, to name a few.

These bad-boy umbrellas are worth every penny but if you're looking for a bargain get down to Hanbury Street on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th February 2015 and take advantage of their sample sale.

Here’s some trikki shots featuring the London Undercover British Woodland City Gent Camouflage Umbrella : £115.

trikki : 'make it look so easy...'